Please read carefully and respond below:

To: Worship Ministry Volunteers

From: Brad Clarkson

Date: March 2, 2016

RE: 2016-A Rotation

On behalf of all of the worship ministry leadership I want to thank you for your interest and service to the church.   Whether you have served in the worship ministry for a long time or serving for the first time I want to welcome you.  The purpose of this covenant letter is to detail the schedule and other information related to the worship team commitment.

So that we can best serve the needs of the ministry, we are asking you to carefully consider your commitment to the team. This covenant allows us to make changes to our schedule, team lineups, and other covenant elements outlined in this letter. It also gives you the chance to reevaluate your desire to serve in the new rotation. I hope that you will prayerfully consider confirming your commitment to the team as the new rotation offers us many exciting ministry times together, as well as a chance to get to know the other worshippers involved in the ministry a little better.

We have simplified the way you confirm your service commitment. Because our four-team schedule is synchronized with the corresponding weeks of the month, it makes it easier to plan out your calendar knowing when you are serving at SCCC. The attached document “Worship Team Schedule: 2016-A” details all the dates that you are being invited to serve. Your submission of this document represents your commitment to the schedule. You will receive a planning center invitation on the week you serve and you still need to accept that invitation to view the plan and hear the songs, but we are asking that you make a commitment now to all the dates on the schedule. If you have a conflict with the schedule, please indicate it on this document or indicate on Planning Center ahead of time by blocking out those dates.

Band and Vocalists:

You will be scheduled to serve on one of our four teams. Team 1 serves on the first week of the month, team 2 serves the second week of the month, etc.  Fifth Sundays and other special dates are scheduled with one of the four teams and noted with a red dot beside the date. The special dates for each team are listed here:

  • Team 1: Good Friday 3/25 - 6pm call time (service at 7pm)
  • Team 2: Sunday May 29: 5th Sunday
  • Team 3: Sunday July 31: 5th Sunday
  • Team 4: Easter Sunday: March 27 - Band Rehearsal Wednesday 3/23 6:30pm


The choir serves on the fourth Sunday of the month. The choir rehearses the two Wednesday nights prior to their serving at 6:30pm.

  • Easter Sunday: March 27
  • Easter Choir Rehearsal:
    • Wednesday 3/16 - 6:30pm
    • Wednesday 3/23 - 6:30pm (w/ band)

Technical Arts Teams:

We will be adding more people to the technical arts team over the next few months. Your schedule is now published with the praise team schedule on the attached document.

Time Commitment:
BAND: Sundays 7am - 1pm
VOCALISTS: Sundays 7:30pm - 1pm
CHOIR: Rehearse on Wednesdays 6:30-8pm - Worship Sundays 7:30am - End of offertory in second service.
Director: 7am Sunday-1pm
Lyrics: 7:15am Sunday-1pm
Switcher: 7:30am Sunday-1pm
Cameras: 8:15am - 1pm

Leadership Responsibilities:

The elders have asked that the following covenant elements be included each rotation and that every team member be living out the vision of our church:

  • On the weeks you are leading worship please sit through a teaching time.  It is also expected that you regularly attend worship on the Sundays you do not serve on the team.  It is important that we show respect to those we lead in worship by worshipping with them, not just in front of them. Be conscious of the message you send them when you’re not on the stage.
  • Each team member should be a covenant member.  More information about becoming a covenant member is made available in Discipleship 1.
  • Each team member should have taken Discipleship 1 and progressing through the discipleship classes.
  • Each team member should be financially giving to the church


The praise team frequently receives requests to lead worship in different venues as well as at SCCC.  Based on the needs of the event, team members in rotation may or may not be asked to participate.  Sometimes it may be impractical to involve the entire team. Every person involved with an event must assist in setting up and tearing down equipment, preparation of music, etc…


  • Pray for personal growth as a worshipper - Make it your goal to glean all you can from your time of service to the team.  Learn these songs!  Live these songs!  Offer your bodies, your schedules, your relationships, your jobs… everything as a living sacrifice to the Lord.
  • Pray for unity on the team - Each of us bears a huge burden of responsibility to one another.  Before we can worship together we must trust one another.
  • Pray for the leadership of our church
  • Pray for our Church Body at large

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