CAEP Afterschool Program

3:30 - 6 pm (M-F)

As a faith-based program, we believe that all people are created by God, with a purpose.  We want to allow your child to receive academic support while exploring diverse cultures and the arts, discovering and growing in their own interests, talents and God-given gifts.



What are the Afterschool rates?

Afterschool rate is $75 per week (to 3-6pm, M-F)

Extended Care hours are available at $85 per week (until 3-6:30 pm, M-F)

What care is provided?

  • Quality Teachers and care

  • Snack (provided)

  • Get homework assistance

  • Recreation time

  • Receive literacy enrichment (as needed)

  • Enjoy learning about culture and the arts.


Please contact us for more information

Leann Woodard - Program Director