Weekly Communications Preview:

7/9/19 - 7/11/19 


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Weekly Communications Plan: 7/9/19 - 7/11/19 

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We have exciting news to share regarding a time change to our weekend services. Effective Sunday August 11, all SCCC campuses will begin their Sunday services at 10:15am.

This time change allows our campuses the opportunity to live stream moments of connection during our worship services at our Eastfield and Berewick campuses. This past Sunday the sermon at our Arrowood campus was broadcast to the Eastfield campus and it proved to be a great moment for both congregations. Synchronizing our service times will allow us much greater flexibility to do this in the future. It will also afford opportunity for our small group and ministry leaders to meet for training, teaching and connection before and after services. Our plan is to use livestream moments when they are needed, we will not be live streaming the worship or the sermon on a weekly basis.

For our Arrowood campus, it will allow the family ministry to better serve the english and latino services for effective use of time and resources. For our Berewick and Eastfield campuses, it will afford flexibility to have multiple service times at 8:30am, 10:15am, and noon in order to make room for growth. 

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • July 22-26: Sparks Camp

  • Aug 17 (D1-D4)  & Nov 9: Discipleship Day

  • Aug 25: Promotion Sunday

  • Aug 11: 10:15am service time shift 

  • Oct. 12: Love Life SCCC Day

  • Oct 18-20: Marriage Retreat @ Ridgecrest

Reserved Kiosks:

East Entrance: REACH Ministries (Tammy Newton / Sophia Hood)
West Entrance:
Marriage Ministry (Goforths / Pickards)

  1. SC Marriage Ministry |July 26 & 27 | Fri. 6:30-9pm / Sat. 9am-3pm | Eastfield Campus
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    Married couples are invited to an enrichment weekend to remember, hosted by the Marriage Team as we present “The Art of Marriage” - an interactive DVD study.
    Approved by: Mike Walsh
    KIOSK East Entrance:

    GRAPHIC: Brooke made

  2. Eastfield Young Adult Women’s Connection | Sun. July 28 6:30-9pm | Eastfield Campus
    New - Website | All Campuses

    All women ages 18-25 are invited to join us for a time of fellowship, connection and discipleship as we “Live Life Together!”
    Approved by: Mike Walsh
    GRAPHIC: Brooke 

  3. SCMarriage Retreat | Ridgecrest Conference Center | October 18-20
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    All married couples are invited to our “Love in Action” retreat. Cost is $390 per couple which includes private room accommodation, meals and Love in Action t-shirts.
    Approved by: Joel DaSilva
    KIOSK West Entrance: Goforths / Pickards
    GRAPHIC: Igniter Media “Love in Action”

  4. SCCC African Prayer | Every 3rd Sunday After Service | Room 209
    Repeat - Bulletin | Newsletter | Website | All Campuses

    Are you a native African or are you interested in building relationships with our African community? If so, you are invited to a monthly prayer time, every 3rd Sunday of the month in room 209, at the Arrowood Campus, right after the English speaking service.
    Approved by: Kelvin / Gilbert (Publish 6/30 - Ongoing)
    GRAPHIC: Carissa

  5. Summer Sparks Music Camp |  July 22- July 26 | 8:30am - 3:30pm
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    Summer Sparks Creative Camp is a week-long summer arts camp that helps kids identify and refine their musical interests and skills through choir singing, choreography and musical instrument instruction. The week culminates in a live musical performance. More info can be found at www.summersparks.org.
    Approved by: Brad Clarkson (5/29)
    GRAPHIC: Done - In Basecamp

  6. Summer with Sisters |  June 5 - August 14 | 6:30-8:00pm
    Repeat - Bulletin | Newsletter | Website |  Social Media | All Campuses
    Journey with us through 1 Peter with bible Journaling. All you need is a bible, journal or notebook, pens or pencils, and a hungry heart! Stay tuned for more details and registration.
    Approved by: Kelvin Smith (5/26)
    KIOSK: Missions (5/19 & 6/19)
    GRAPHIC: Done

  7. YOU Lead Women’s Leadership Event | Friday July 12 | 8:30am - 3:30pm
    Repeat -  Social Media
    SCCC is hosting a one-day leadership training event for all women that want to grow and mature in their faith journey while leading others along the way! Speakers from the Lifeway Priscilla Shirer event will share their wisdom on serving in ministry, leading small groups, and insight on forging our path for kingdom work!
    Approved by: Brad Clarkson (Publish 4/14 - 7/12)
    GRAPHIC: Done

  8. Eastfield Women's Bible Study | June 26- July 31 | 6:30pm | Eastfield Campus
    Repeat -  Newsletter | Website | All Campuses

    Join the Eastfield Campus Women for a 6-week study entitled "Overcome: Living Beyond Your Circumstances" by Alex Himaya, on Wednesdays, June 26 - July 31 at 6:30pm.
    Approved by: Mike Walsh (6/2 - 6/23)
    GRAPHIC: Done
    Registration: Monica

  9. Mission To Mars VBS | July 22-25 | Berewick Campus
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    Explore Where God's Power Can Take You! Galaxy voyager's journey from their galactic outpost on special missions to collect power sources. Along the way, they'll learn how God walked with heroes of the Bible.
    Approved by: Cam Smith (5/19 - 6/16)
    KIOSK: East Entrance

    GRAPHIC: Cognito

  10. Seeking Host Homes for Foreign Exchange Students
    Repeat- E-Newsletter | Website
    Do you want to model Christ to a foreign student? Host homes are needed for the coming 2019-2020 school year that are located in the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system. If you have a desire to fill this need please call Kim Morgan at 704-737-0744.
    Approved by: Kelvin (Publish 5/5)

  11. Summer Enrichment Programs | June 10 - August 23 | 6:30am - 6:30pm
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    CAEP introduces our Summer Kindergarten Readiness Program which is an enrichment program designed to maintain skills already learned and to learn new skills needed for a successful Kindergarten year. We will also have our summer enrichment program for rising 1st-6th grades that is designed to avoid the summer slump and have fun in the process!
    Enroll now at www.steelecreek.org/summer.
    Approved by: Cam / Larry
    GRAPHIC: Cognito
    KIOSK: (5/5 & 5/12 - LeAnn / Wendy Ingram / Michelle Williams)

  12. Meet the Pastor | 4th Sunday of every month | 11:15am
    Repeat - Newsletter | Website | Arrowood Campus | ONGOING
    Come meet with Pastor Kelvin in our Connections Suite, located in the lobby at 11:15am right after service today!
    Approved by: Denny / Kelvin (5/22 - Ongoing)
    GRAPHIC: Done