Worship Ministry
covenant agreement


Thank you for your interest and commitment in serving the church. The worship ministry’s ability to lead worship effectively each week is dependent on volunteers like you owning the mission of the church. The purpose of this covenant letter is to share the schedule and other pertinent information related to the worship team commitment. We realize that seasons of life are cyclical and we want to be sensitive to your family‘s needs. Being a part of the worship ministry means making a commitment in three areas; time, leadership and prayer. Those responsibilities are detailed below.

Covenant Element 1: Time (Arrowood)

Signing up for the Spring 2019 semester means that you are committing to dates. You will be assigned a team after we receive your covenant agreement. On the weeks that you serve you will receive an invitation from Planning Center on Tuesday. Please accept the invitation no later than Wednesday noon. If a scheduling conflict arises and you need to miss one of your scheduled Sundays let us know immediately. Please make every effort to notify us well in advance if you are unable to serve on your scheduled date. When someone declines in PCO we have to find coverage for your position and it creates difficult scheduling problems for your fellow praise team members and the worship staff.

Weekly Schedule:
: You will receive PCO invitation for Sunday
Wednesday Noon: Deadline for you to accept PCO invitation
Wednesday 6:30pm: Midweek Rehearsal

Sunday Morning Schedule:
Band setup and sound check
7:30am: Vocal team sound check
9:30am: Rehearsal ends, stage is clear
9:45am: Service Begins

Preparedness: It is expected that you come to rehearsals musically prepared to run through the songs with the other team members. Finalized sets will be sent one week in advance.

Covenant Element 2: Leadership

The elders have asked that the following covenant elements be included each rotation and that every team member be living out the vision of our church.

  • Commitment to a lifestyle consistent with our mission and vision of living in love and service to Christ, home, church, world

  • Commitment to model the mission and vision of the church

  • Commitment to financially support the church in a cheerful and generous manner with our first fruits (tithe) and offerings

  • Commitment to advancing through our spiritual formation, discipleship track, and leadership meetings. Each team member should have taken Discipleship 1 and the Living on Target training.

  • On the weeks you are leading worship please sit through a teaching time.  It is also expected that you regularly attend worship on the Sundays you do not serve on the team.  It is important that we show respect to those we lead in worship by worshipping with them, not just in front of them.  Remember that you are also a worship leader to those around you when you worship in the congregation. Be conscious of the message you send them when you’re not on the stage.

  • Each team member should be a covenant member.  More information about becoming a covenant member is made available in Discipleship 1 and the Living on Target training.

    Covenant Element 3: Word, Prayer, and Worship

    Part of preparing for Sunday morning starts with a daily commitment to scripture reading, prayer, and worship. We envision a church that is fueled by people embracing that daily rhythm to propel us toward our vision of being and making disciples by devoting our lives to daily word, prayer, and worship.

  • Pray for personal growth as a worshipper - Make it your goal to glean all you can from your time of service to the team.  Learn these songs! Live these songs! Offer your bodies, your schedules, your relationships, your jobs… everything as a living sacrifice to the Lord.

  • Pray for unity on the team - Each of us bears a huge burden of responsibility to one another.  Before we can worship together we must trust one another.

I hope that you will prayerfully consider affirming your commitment to the team as the new rotation offers us many exciting ministry times together, as well as a chance to get to know the other worshippers involved in the ministry a little better. Welcome to the team and we look forward to great things during this rotation!

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