We desire to see every man, woman, and child come to know Jesus, grow in their homes and families as they are being disciples and making disciples in the world. We equip the saints for the work of the ministry with our essential discipleship class series below. Take a moment to check out the classes and register.









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Living On Target

This life challenging book shows you how to put your life in biblical order in these four target areas Christ, the home, the church and the world. Every person needs a spiritual target to aim for. If we aim at nothing spiritually, we can be certain we will achieve nothing of eternal value. You will learn that by faithfully determining to live on target, you will please God, experience His freedom and advance the Great Commission of making disciples. Most importantly, your experience at the judgment seat of Christ will be determined by what you aim for and practice spiritually. Says the author, Living on Target will become a spiritual filter for how we live our lives on earth as we prepare to meet our God face to face.


SATURDAY May 18th, 2019

D1 - Faith/New Members

Inquiring about Life in Christ and Life in Community at Steele Creek. This class introduces participants to the Bible, to Christ, to the call of this church, and extends an invitation to those who wish to journey with us. We will walk through the Bible to see what it means to follow Christ, what we believe as a church, the journey we’re taking together, and how you can be a part. This class is a prerequisite to church membership.

D3 | The Treasure Principle

In contemporary, easy-to-understand language, author Randy Alcorn offers readers a six-step plan to finding the immediate pleasure and eternal rewards of the Treasure Principle. Once readers discover the liberating joy of giving, life will never look the same. Alcorn believes there's a higher motivation for giving than guilt. Giving infuses life with joy. Alcorn bases his brief, motivational message on the words of the world's foremost financial consultant, Jesus Christ, who advised listeners to store up for yourselves treasures in heaven. Matthew 6:20

Marriage Class

Presented by the Marriage Ministry Team, this class is geared toward couples who are interested in strengthening their marriages.

D2 | Identity in Christ

Discovering my identity in Christ and embracing life-change by applying His Truth. The journey continues as the believer moves beyond a decision to follow Christ — to the daily commitment to live and become like Him. This class walks through some powerful and significant Bible passages that show us how to live the abundant, free, victorious life that Christ came to give us. We need to understand that Jesus is more than our Savior; He is our life! Understanding who we are in Christ, and how that should affect us in our everyday life will take you to a deeper place of maturity.

D4 | Oneness

Discovering our position in Christ and the realities of the social and cultural history of the United States. The objective of this class is to help the believer understand God’s desire and design for the unity of all believers and our call to be reconcilers (2 Corinthians 5:18). It is clear that even though we are believers and brothers and sisters in Christ, cultural patterns and influences, personal backgrounds, life experiences and our shared history as a nation still affect our thinking, attitudes and behaviors. In John 17, Jesus prayed that through our unity the world would believe that He came from the Father. We value that witness highly at SCCC.