Prayer Week


Thank you for your interest in praying!

We are having a prayer week at Steele Creek Church of Charlotte from Monday, May 14 – Saturday, May 19th. We need your help in praying during this prayer week. You do not need to be a prayer warrior; anyone can take part and pray. We invite you to come for one hour and pray (alone by yourself) in the prayer room. The prayer room is reserved during church office hours, as well as Saturday from 7:00am – 7:00pm. In order to reserve your personal prayer hour, you need to sign up in advance. Prayer material will be provided, and you can pray through different prayer stations during your personal prayer hour in our prayer room.

How to access the prayer room?

- If your scheduled prayer time is 8-9 am, Monday through Friday, or anytime on Saturday, please access the prayer room through the door next to the prayer room. This is on the west side of the building (the side where the cafe is located). Please use the door near the street corner. Knock on the window and someone will open the door for you to enter the prayer room.
- If your scheduled prayer time is 9 am and afterwards, Monday – Friday, enter the church through the church reception area (on the east side of the building).


Can I come with someone else? Yes, certainly. The set-up of the prayer room is aimed at individual prayer, but you can come and pray with someone else. Can I come and stay less than one full hour? Yes. If you plan to stay for half an hour, we have some 30 minutes time slots from 4 PM to 4.30 PM Monday to Friday. Unfortunately, you can not reserve these spots on the sign-up link below, you need to write to Rolf Buehler (see email below) and reserve one of these time slots through email. For other times, you can sign up directly through the link and leave early during your prayer hour.

For more information, please contact Rolf Buehler at RBINQC@GMAIL.COM