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Before you submit your request, here are a few things you need to know about our communications process.

The communications team manages and produces content for our social media presence, our website, our eNewsletter, our weekly bulletin, and all video production. Every week we receive numerous communications requests that we evaluate based on guidelines that allow us to focus on our mission and vision. This web page is the place where all communication requests are processed. There are three things you need to know before you submit your request:

1) DEADLINE: The deadline for all communication requests is Wednesday at noon. Anything received after that deadline will be added to the following week's requests.

2) CHANGES: We publish a preview of our weekly communications plan Wednesday at 5pm at www.steelecreek.org/communicationpreview. Please review your submission. If you have edits or changes, click the “submit changes” button before Thursday noon found at www.steelecreek.org/communicationpreview.

3) FACILITIES, CHILDCARE AND REGISTRATIONS: Please submit all childcare requests to family ministry, and facility requests to the facilities team, and registration requests to Denny Marinack (Denny@steelecreek.org). We only approve communications requests. If the request you are submitting here involves the need for a facilities space, childcare, or the development of a registration form, you must submit those requests to the appropriate departments.

4) SCCC does not print, publish, display or distribute fliers except upon request of the elders. Printed info may be distributed at a properly reserved kiosk if the responsible pastor has approved the material.

We are here to serve you! Click the “Communication Requests” button below to start the process

Our communications team relies on talented people to produce graphic images. Submit a request for graphic design work here.

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