Worship Academy

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Who We Are

The worship arts academy exists to see artists equipped to present the truth of the Gospel through the worship and technical arts. We mentor students to serve the church by equipping them with a mindset (Romans 12:1) of worship and a skillset of excellence (Psalm 33:3).

Who Can Join the Academy?

We welcome students of all ages and skill levels. Our focus is on students because our mission is to train students to serve the church. However, we offer music lessons to everyone, giving priority to students and covenant members of our church.

How Are Lessons Offered?

Each Music/Voice lesson is 30 minutes long.

The cost for each lesson is $25.   

The Academy offers lessons in semesters. Each semester is made up of weekly lessons on Wednesdays, with holiday breaks to align with local academic calendars. 

*Please note that students will not be able to participate in their lesson until their account is current.

What Will the Lesson Be Like for the Student?

  • Teachers will utilize two main components for curriculum, one that focuses on musical technique, and one that focuses on worship technique.

  • Musical Technique: Each instructor will choose the material they feel best equips the student musically.

  • Worship Technique: Teachers will use an online teaching resource called The Worship Initiative to teach students the skills necessary play with other praise band musicians. This resource will provide:

  • Individual instrument studies of popular worship songs. For example, a guitar/piano/drum/bass student studying the song “Good Good Father” will find a video demonstrating the song being played on their particular instrument.

  • Each song includes a chord chart listed both as chords and Nashville numbers.

  • Each song includes a devotion that will be reviewed at every lesson.

  • The website has a wealth of other resources to equip students.

Classes at the Academy


Lead Teacher: Dylan Souther


Wednesdays 4pm-8pm (30 minute lesson increments)


Lead Teacher: Yvess


Wednesdays 6:30pm-8pm (30 minute lesson increments)


Lead Teacher: Elizabeth


Wednesdays 4pm-8pm (30 minute lesson increments)


Lead Teacher: Cammi Hardee


Adults: Saturdays 8am-9am
K-2nd Grade: Saturdays 9am-10am
Elementary: Saturdays 10am-11am
Middle/High School: Saturdays 11am-12:30pm


Lead Teacher: Brent


Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:30pm (30 minute lesson increments)

5 Payments (Partial Pay) - $128.75
9 Payments (Full Pay) - $231.75