The worship arts academy vision is to see artists equipped to present the truth of the Gospel through worship and technical arts. 


To teach, and equip artists to serve the church.


We mentor students to serve the church by equipping them with a mindset (Romans 12:1) of worship and a skillset of excellence (Psalm 33:3).

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Summer Semester Dates

May 15 - July 31 | Guitar | Drums | Vocal Training

May 22 - July 31 | Piano

August 7 & 14 | Make up classes

August 15 | Showcase

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is a class? Each class is 30 minutes long.

  • What is the cost per class? The cost of each class is $25.

  • When are classes offered? The Academy offers lessons in semesters. Each semester is made up of weekly lessons that take place on Wednesdays right here at Steele Creek Church.

  • What will the lesson experience be like for the student? Each student will receive one on one teaching with our skilled music instructors. This will be a fun and interactive time as they utilize two main components for curriculum, one that focuses on musical technique, and one that focuses on worship technique.

  • What happen’s if i miss a class? Classes that are missed must be paid for and the student will be scheduled for a make up class.

  • Is participating in the showcase at the end of the semester mandatory? Participation in the showcase is not mandatory and based on the instructor advising if the student is ready to perform.First time students usually wait until their second semester to perform.