Discipleship Classes

  • Art of Marriage
  • Love & Respect

Outreach & Enrichment

  • Marriage Meet-Ups: Couples are invited to various events 
  • Valentine Celebration

Intervention & Support

Marriage Mentoring involves couples participating in an 8-10 week mentoring process with a seasoned couple.

Overseeing Pastor Brad Clarkson / 704.525.1133 / Email

Ministry Team Leaders Jeff Pickard / 704.299.2015 / Email

Tracey Pickard / 704.965.5866 / Email

Marriage Ministry Prayer Team


The Marriage Ministry offers timely and personal prayer ministry time for any couple who needs prayer. Our team is available after every 9:15 and 11:15 service. If you would like to schedule a prayer ministry time for you and your spouse you may either fill out the form below, or come forward after any service and speak with one of marriage ministry prayer team members. Our team is equipped to pray with you, or get you in touch with one of our marriage mentors who can devote time to helping you build a strong marriage.