Parent Resources

As a parent you have the responsibility to raise up your child in the way they should go. We believe that you shouldn’t have to walk that journey alone or ill equipped. Located on this page are some great resources that we have available for you to take advantage us and to grow in. With these great resources we also offer workshops and classes on parenting you can get access to all of those thing by clicking the button below.

 Right Now Media


Rightnow Media is a great asset and tool for our growth as parents with access to thousands of great teachings and studies, but also a great asset to our children and youth. Our FREE gift to you is waiting. All we need is your name and email to send the registration info to. We love you guys and hope you love this great tool!

Educate for Life

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Educate for Life is an online resource for any Parent or student wanting to jump into learning apologetics or to better learn how to defend our faith. These classes are free to you to use as you choose as a result of some very generous donors. If you’d like to utilize this resource or learn more please let us know!

Other Great Resources for Christian Parenting:

Focus on the Family

Today's Christian Woman

Christianity Today

Youth Culture -

The Youth Culture Report

Pornography Help - 


Encouragement -

Here are some verses for you as a parent: Check them out

Social Media - Know what your kids are on and how to monitor it. Big sites:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Tinder,, KiK, etc.

Steele Creek Written Resources: